Pin-up Shooter

Addicting "shoot-the-balloons" game with eye-catching presentation and some cool gameplay features.

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Terror Tiles

Destroy all the blocks by clicking on blocks connected to blocks of the same type.

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Creepy Halloween Differences

Find the creepy differences in each Halloween scene.

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Zombie Taxi 2

The follow up to the hit Zombie Taxi. More Modes, new Zombies, More cars, VIPs, more fun!

Drive the taxi with the cursor keys or wasd. Press space for your handbrake. Rescue the people in the city before they become Zombie-fied. Look out for VIPs - these are worth extra points and cash which you can put towards a better car.

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Ninja Girl

Ninja GirlYou are a beautiful but stealthy ninja girl. Pick your favorite weapons and then head out to the dungeons for some hard training! You will not get to be the best without a lot of practice and dedication. The evil ronin fear you because you are always one step ahead of their plans. Nothing will get in your way of leading the ninjas with graceful strength and elegant beauty.

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Tom MySpace Creator Joins Facebook

tom-myspace-facebook Tom Anderson, Creator of MySpace social networking site beaten by Mark Zuckerberg and finally decided to join World No1 Social Networking Site  Facebook !







Tom from MySpace Finally Joins Facebook

Image Via Imgur.

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