Anime Desktop Backgrounds

Quality: SHQ 1600×1200


4 Response to "Anime Desktop Backgrounds"

  1. Nancy says:

    Really such a cool stuff

    Jaxter says:

    thanks nancy please rate the post on top right of the page

    Nancy says:

    Jaxter don't u think rating section should be under the post or top of the post. I think that would be better for visitors as I didn't come to know abt rating in 1 go.

    Jaxter says:

    hey nancy first off thx for the rating lol,
    yes you're right i tried to make it under post but this rating system is rate the url of the post so at the home page there will be more than stars to rate on the same page got it? am doing my research to make this blog better more and more and am happy for your interests and accept any ideas
    take care