First Look: The 'Lost' Videogame


Lost: The Game

Ubisoft Montreal


Q1 2008

Single player

PC, X360, PS3, iPod, Mobile

Lost video game screenshot 1



The player is cast as a previously unseen survivor, Elliott, a photojournalist with amnesia. Gameplay will involve Resident Evil-style fetch quests and puzzle solving. Flashbacks will be an integral part of the storyline. Exploring locations seen in the show and interacting with main characters from the show will also be a major part of the game. Appearances by The Others, the "Smoke Monster" and the Black Rock have also been confirmed by the game's developers. The ComicCon trailer confirmed characters such as Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Hurley and possibly Desmond, and also showed off the beach camp, the caves, part of the Others' territory and the Swan station. The article from EGM c

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